The romans of the “Джулая”

Nearly 40 years ago, a group of people from the city ot Varna decided to gather on the beach and meet the first July sun rays, bathed in beautiful colors in the sea. In this way, they start a tradition with which several generations have already joined. Under the sounds of the beautiful song of Uriah Heep – “July Morning“, the first sun rays become the symbol of reincarnation, the new beginning and the hope.

The tradition of July to meet the rocky shores of the northern Black Sea coast is rapidly growing along the coast, and today even extends to the whole country, including cities far away from the sea such as Sofia and Plovdiv.

It is alleged that the “Gulayat” arises as a protest against the communist power, expressed in the meaning and suggestion of Uriah Heep’s eponymous song. The image of this celebration today gathers thousands of people in the night against the first of July. By tradition John Lauten  is an indispensable part of the most important destination of the holiday – the rocks around Kamen Bryag, where the sun first shines Bulgaria.

The unique thing about Julia is the fact that this tradition is known only in Bulgaria. The holiday is associated with an incomparable romance and a sense of hope and a new beginning. And the name of the “Julia Morning” complex certainly is not accidental! 🙂

Once you experience the thrill of meeting the first July rays from the rocky shores of the northern Black Sea coast, this feeling will bring you a lifetime of charity! 🙂